Can You ‘Hang’ out on the ‘Net?

First there are social group networks such as MySpace, Facebook, hi5, Twitter and even Instragram (did you know you can buy Instagram comments here?) These sites allow the creation of personal webpages, and free access to these pages by members of the community. Facebook had developed the reputation of being a selective network for college students, however in September 2006, they opened their doors to the world. Even with this change, Facebook still remains an intricate part of the lives of many American college students.

MySpace and Hi5 are also excellent hangout spots, and MySpace has taken on the reputation of being the most popular social networking site. There are not only personal pages on MySpace, but also an extensive collection of artist pages, and videos posted by users. So if you would like to bond with your favorite artist on a Friday night, it’s possible that you can catch them online, or at the least leave them a message to tell them how much you love them. Alternatively, you can browse the video collection, and comment yourself away into the night. Continue reading

I Had No Tine for Using Social Media in My Business So Panacea Marketing Did It for Me

I wanted to take advantage of social media for my business, but I could not do it myself. I also could not dedicate or delegate any of my limited number of employees to the task, and I certainly could not afford to hire an employee to do it. However, looking at the numbers, I could see a potential for profit that I was missing by not utilizing social media to its fullest in my business. This is what got me looking into Panacea Marketing. I had no idea that there were companies out there that could put together a workable and affordable social media package that they would take care of implementing.

All I had to do was to communicate what I wanted, and they took care of the rest. I did not have to be involved with posting or other participation on the various social media platforms. I started out having a presence on pretty much all of them, then over time we tapered them back to only include the ones that were the most profitable. Of course social media changes quickly. Continue reading

Finding a Great Provider for SEO

I am going to look into getting SEO work done for my new website, because I would really like to have this website get mroe traffic than it is currently getting. It is a new website, and that is clearly part of the problem. Intuitively, it is obvious that a new website is going to have less traffic, because people have had less time to discover it. So I have been trying to find more info about Warrior Forum SEO service to help out my website.

One of the big reasons that I have decided to turn to SEO is the fact that I want to make my website popular, because I feel like down the road, it is going to be the main vehicle for me to be able to sell a lot of my new product. Continue reading

Catching My Son in the Act

I had a suspicion that my son was using his smart phone to make plans to skip school. I installed the Whatsapp hack tool on his phone and waited for him to use it again. As soon as she started using the phone, everything he did was recorded. When he went to sleep, I looked at his phone to see that he had been talking with his friends, and they had been planning to go to the movies during school. I put the phone back in his room while he slept away.

The next day I dropped him off at school like I normally do, but this time, I moved just enough out of sight so he would think that I was gone when I actually wasn’t. I watched him get on the city bus to get to the movie theater. Since I knew exactly what theater he was going to, I took another route to get there ahead of time. When my son arrived at the theater, he was shocked and mortified to see that I was waiting there for him. His friends didn’t know who I was, but I knew exactly who they were, and I told them that I had called their parents and they were on the way to pick them up.

My son rode home with me, and along the way we had a long discussion about why skipping school was wrong. It basically consisted of me yelling at him for the next 30 minutes. When my wife got home, she yelled at him too. We punished him by taking away any form of entertainment in his room. We also took his phone and deactivated the his line. I’m making him work twice as hard around the house by doing extra chores. I bet he won’t be skipping school again.

My Internet Marketing

The term Internet Marketing denotes different things to different businesses and entities. Broadly it is an all-inclusive term that indicates advertising and marketing for products and services using online methods.

Online marketing includes many strategies like blogs, email marketing, online promotions, reciprocal linking, search engine optimization and many others. Online marketers are constantly on the lookout for newer and more innovative online marketing methods to increase traffic to their sites in the hope of better sales.

Experts recommend that for starters, strategies focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) and web design are contributing factors to drive traffic to websites.
Marketing Plan

However, just as any other advertising or promotional strategy, Online Marketing or Internet Marketing requires a concrete marketing plan outlining specific actions that need to be put in place to generate interest from potential customers and buyers in a particular product or service and influence their decisions. This marketing plan will broadly implement the marketing strategy of a business; it provides goals for a specific road map to achieve the end results.

A Business Marketing Plan must be developed as a standalone document blueprint that not only communicates the essence of the strategies that a company has to execute but also the brand value and worth or particular products and services to customers.

Simple and effective online marketing strategies

1. Affiliate Marketing – a great way to increase traffic to the website using referrals and links; however, the quality of referrals and clicks cannot be guaranteed.

2. AdWords by Google – this requires sustainable and good web servers to divert traffic that Google provides against specific paid amounts for online advertising. The display of ads on specifically targeted audience websites ensures greater traffic.

3. Hashtags – this is a relatively new trend but appropriate hashtags with tempting statuses on social media sites can drive web traffic to a website.

4. Magazines – Popular magazines offer space for website advertisements in niche sectors like web design, consumer products, travel etc. This ensures high visibility and greater web traffic.

5. Generating back links on guest posts and blog spots can increase traffic provided these back links are precisely targeted. Also comments on niche sites have to be sustainable to catch interest and keep it going thereby generating a large amount of people traffic to the website.

6. Web directories – and where articles are shared to gain participation and appreciation by a more distinct and niche audience plays a crucial part in boosting traffic to the website. They are extremely popular with the blogging community.

While advertising and promotion have undergone sea changes in the way they are used by businesses to target audiences, some effective and simple strategies like word-of-mouth and human interaction in a smaller community cannot be overlooked. Just depending on online website advertising cannot provide all the benefits that a company or business needs; practices and strategies have to be rounded off to be effective and provide maximum public reach. To know more about how to promote website, please check our site.